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House building in Paraguay with Spanish - English - German speaking architect

We bring German construction standards to Paraguay.

We have been active in the construction industry for more than 30 years. We convince with our house construction in Paraguay by a precise procedure and German quality standards ( see also "exemplary construction description" ). 

Build your new home with us in an upscale quality standard and excellent construction quality. Plan your dream property together with our construction experts and realize the dream of your new property in Paraguay. From the planning to the handing over of the keys, our multilingual architect will accompany you step by step in your building project and ensure a smooth implementation of the building process. Thus, nothing stands in the way of your house construction in Paraguay. 

Why do customers choose us?

Detailed planning and implementation with German architect 

We will clarify all your questions with you without obligation in our free initial consultation or, if you prefer, during your visit to our show houses and construction sites. 
With our architect you plan step by step your house construction in Paraguay, which is designed and implemented according to your wishes. An extensive consultation of the house construction in Paraguay, by our specialized expertise and 30-year experience, is natural for us. 

We will inform you about the entire construction process, as well as all work steps and select with you the materials that you want to use in your construction project. After the planning of your dream property, you will receive a transparent cost breakdown of your house construction in Paraguay. 

German building standards and high quality materials for your house construction in Paraguay

From the floor slab to the reinforced concrete ring anchors to the roof, our houses consist of top quality with German construction standards, due to herovrragende workmanship and well-chosen material. 

The correct construction of the floor structure is, among other things, decisive for the longevity of your property. By selecting high-quality materials and a construction according to German building standards, we thus lay the foundation for the longevity of your future property. With an inexpensive, conventional Paraguayan construction, serious construction defects can occur after only a few months. 

Among other things, cracks in the floor slab and masonry are not uncommon. In addition, rising damp is often a serious consequence of construction defects. These construction defects can only be remedied to a limited extent. With us this does not happen. We guarantee a floor construction for eternity for your house construction in Paraguay.


You would like to renovate or rebuild a property? We are also at your disposal for this project with our experience as well as our professional competence. 

Convince yourself of our construction quality and visit our construction sites and show houses. 

Schedule your free initial consultation or visit with our architect Whats App (+595)983396774 now and plan your home construction in Paraguay.

Exemplary construction description

  •  Natural stone look with 1-2x concrete ring anchor and reinforced concrete core, depending on the terrain.
  • Barrier made of asphalt coating and bituminous sheeting
  • Substrate preparation by filling and machine compaction
  • Barrier foil
  • Continuous reinforced concrete floor slab 
  • Leveling layer fine screed
  • Grounding with 1cm copper rods 
  • Masonry structure base to 50cm Ladrillo rojo
  • Masonry single-shell or double-shell
  • Exterior walls with further ring anchor to accommodate the roof structure 
  • All openings for windows and doors with lintels made of reinforced concrete
  • Cement plaster single / multiple with gypsum plaster inside / outside
  • With / without paint
  • Columns in the terrace area made of reinforced concrete 
Roof construction 
  • Sub-tile Tejuelones with waterproofing membrane and roofing tile with / without isulation 
  • Roof structure 70- 100cm 
  • Roof overhang at the eaves, verge approx. 30cm
  • Wooden elements are painted with Barnice
  • Blind window including all fittings
  • Single or multiple glazing ( isulating glazing )
  • Insect screen
  • Solid wood with coffers, lacquered
  • Installation of all wooden elements with trim, cover strips
Wall and floor coverings 
  • Wall/floor coverings Porcellanato with surrounding wood or tile base.
  • Wall coverings in the bathroom and kitchen 
Sanitary installation 
  • Water supply lines in plastic (IPS, Tigre,Termofusion or similar).
Electrical installation
  • Connection up to the main junction box 
  • Light connections
  • Connections for air conditioners and devices

Example house "Country Villa" Year of construction 2021

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Example house year of construction 2023

Build a house in Paraguay 29
Build a house in Paraguay 28
Build a house in Paraguay 26
Build a house in Paraguay 21
Build house in Paraguay 20
Build a house in Paraguay 9
Build a house in Paraguay 8
Build a house in Paraguay 35
Build a house in Paraguay 33
Build a house in Paraguay 5
Build a house in Paraguay 6
Build a house in Paraguay 10
Build a house in Paraguay 37
Build a house in Paraguay 11
Build a house in Paraguay 13
Build a house in Paraguay 39
Build a house in Paraguay 38
Build a house in Paraguay 15
Build a house in Paraguay 14

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